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ready Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay for Regenerative Medicine


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Currently, there are more than 20 human cell information storage sites around the world. However, reproducibility and data exchange among different laboratories or cell information providers are usually inadequate or nonexistent because of the lack of a standardized format for experiments. This study, which is the fruit of collaborative work by scientists at stem cell banks and cellular information registries worldwide, including those in the U.S., the U.K., Europe, and Japan, proposes new minimum information guidelines, Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay for Regenerative Medicine (MIACARM), for cellular assay data deposition. MIACARM was developed based on the existing guideline called MIACA. MIACARM is intended to promote data exchange and facilitation of practical regenerative medicine.

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First proposal of Minimum Information About a Cellular Assay for Regenerative Medicine

Kunie Sakurai, Andreas Kurtz, Glyn Stacey, Michael Sheldon, and Wataru Fujibuchi
Stem Cells Translational Medicine 2016

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