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ready Language resource management -- Semantic annotation framework (SemAF) -- Part 2: Dialogue acts

Abbreviation: ISO 24617-2:2012

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ISO 24617-2:2012 provides a set of empirically and theoretically well-motivated concepts for dialogue annotation, a formal language for expressing dialogue annotations -- the dialogue act markup language (DiAML) -- and a method for segmenting a dialogue into semantic units. This allows the manual or automatic annotation of dialogue segments with information about the communicative actions which the participants perform by their contributions to the dialogue. It supports multidimensional annotation, in which units in dialogue are viewed as having multiple communicative functions. The DiAML language has an XML-based representation format and a formal semantics which makes it possible to apply inference to DiAML representations. Please note that, although this specification is current, a new revision of it is under development.


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