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ready CSV Dialect Description Format

Abbreviation: CSV-DDF

General Information
CSV Dialect defines a simple format to describe the various dialects of CSV files in a language agnostic manner. It aims to deal with a reasonably large subset of the features which differ between dialects, such as terminator strings, quoting rules, escape rules and so on. The specification has been modeled around the union of the csv modules in Python and Ruby, and the bulk load capabilities of MySQL and PostgresQL. CSV Dialect has nothing to do with the names, contents or types of the headers or data within the CSV file, only how it is formatted. However, CSV Dialect does allow the presence or absence of a header to be specified, similarly to RFC4180. CSV Dialect is also orthogonal to the character encoding used in the CSV file. Note that it is possible for files in CSV format to contain data in more than one encoding.

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