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ready North American Profile of ISO19115:2003 - Geographic information - Metadata

General Information
The North American Profile of ISO 19115:2003, Geographic information - Metadata, is intended to identify geospatial metadata that are needed for North American organizations to describe their geospatial data, including dataset and dataset series, and related Web services. It provides a mechanism for organizations producing geographic information to describe datasets in detail. The Profile helps users to better understand geographic metadata, the assumptions and limitations of geographic information, and facilitates the search for proper information to fit users’ needs. It is based on ISO 19115:2003, Geographic information - Metadata, and ISO 19106:2004, Geographic information - Profiles. It also includes service metadata from ISO 19119:2005, Geographic information - Services, and implementation perspectives from ISO/TS 19139:200,7 Geographic information - Metadata - XML schema implementation. Please note this profile extends ISO 19115:2003.

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