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ready ISO 639-3 Codes for the representation of names of languages - Part 3: Alpha-3 code for comprehensive coverage of languages

Abbreviation: ISO 639-3

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ISO 639-3 provides a comprehensive set of identifiers for all languages for use in a wide range of applications, including linguistics, lexicography and internationalization of information systems. It attempts to represent all known full languages. ISO 639 provides three language code sets: one is a two-letter code (ISO 639-1) and two others are three-letter codes (ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3) for the representation of names of languages. The three-letter codes in ISO 639-2 and ISO 639-3 are complementary and compatible. The two codes have been devised for different purposes. The set of individual languages listed in ISO 639-2 is a subset of those listed in ISO 639-3. The codes differ in that ISO 639-2 includes code elements representing some individual languages and also collections of languages, while ISO 639-3 includes code elements for all known individual languages but not for collections of languages. Overall, the set of individual languages listed in ISO 639-3 is much larger than the set of individual languages listed in ISO 639-2.


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