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ready Climate and Forecast Standard Names Parameter Vocabulary

Abbreviation: CF Standard Names

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The Climate and Forecast Standard Names Parameter Vocabulary (CF Standard Names) is intended for use with climate and forecast data in the atmosphere, surface and ocean domains. The CF Standard Names are the list of standard names used by the CF conventions. The list includes the units recommended for each standard name (most common prefixes can be used with the units, e.g. kilo (k), hecto (h), Mega (M), etc). If a standard_name metadata attribute is associated with a data variable, its value must be chosen from the list published in the standard name table. It is not compulsory within the CF conventions to assign a standard name to a data variable, but including one helps data users to understand the contents of a netCDF file. A CF standard name is not a netCDF variable name, but instead a value for the standard_name variable attribute. A standard_name attribute identifies the physical quantity of a variable.


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