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The Crop Ontology project is a service of the Integrated Breeding Platform to harmonize the traits measured by breeders. Crop Ontology provides trait names and standard variables that annotate precisely the trait observation made. CO is to be used from data capture with fieldbooks to storing data files in databases and repositories.


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Implementing Databases (2)
Genetic and Genomic Information System
GnpIS is a multispecies integrative information system dedicated to plant and fungi pests. It bridges genetic and genomic data, allowing researchers access to both genetic information (e.g. genetic maps, quantitative trait loci, association genetics, markers, polymorphisms, germplasms, phenotypes and genotypes) and genomic data (e.g. genomic sequences, physical maps, genome annotation and expression data) for species of agronomical interest. GnpIS is used by both large international projects and plant science departments at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research. It is regularly improved and released several times per year. GnpIS is accessible through a web portal and allows to browse different types of data either independently through dedicated interfaces or simultaneously using a quick search ('google like search') or advanced search (Biomart, Galaxy, Intermine) tools.

The Triticeae Toolbox
The Triticeae Toolbox (T3) is a repository for public wheat data generated by the Wheat Coordinated Agricultural Project (Wheat CAP). Funding is provided by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The current project is funded through NIFA's International Wheat Yield Partnership (IWYP) and part of the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI).

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Multifunctional crop trait ontology for breeders' data: field book, annotation, data discovery and semantic enrichment of the literature.

Shrestha R,Arnaud E,Mauleon R,Senger M,Davenport GF,Hancock D,Morrison N,Bruskiewich R,McLaren G
AoB Plants 2010

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Bridging the phenotypic and genetic data useful for integrated breeding through a data annotation using the Crop Ontology developed by the crop communities of practice.

Shrestha R,Matteis L,Skofic M,Portugal A,McLaren G,Hyman G,Arnaud E
Front Physiol 2012

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