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Exposure Ontology, ExO, is designed to facilitate the centralization and integration of exposure data to inform understanding of environmental health. ExO is intended to bridge the gap between exposure science and diverse environmental health disciplines including toxicology, epidemiology, disease surveillance, and epigenetics.

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Comparative Toxicogenomics Database
The Comparative Toxicogenomics Database (CTD) advances understanding of the effects of environmental chemicals on human health. Biocurators manually curate chemical-gene, chemical-disease, and gene-disease relationships from the scientific literature. This core data is then internally integrated to generate inferred chemical-gene-disease networks. Additionally, the core data is integrated with external data sets (such as Gene Ontology and pathway annotations) to predict many novel associations between different data types. A unique and powerful feature of CTD is the inferred relationships generated by data integration that helps turn knowledge into discoveries by identifying novel connections between chemicals, genes, diseases, pathways, and GO annotations that might not otherwise be apparent using other biological resources.

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Providing the missing link: the exposure science ontology ExO.

Mattingly CJ,McKone TE,Callahan MA,Blake JA,Hubal EA
Environ Sci Technol 2012

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