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The COVID-19 Rapid Review (C19RR) is an initiative that brings together a group of publishers and scholarly communications organisations to ensure research related to COVID-19 is reviewed and published as quickly as possible, while ensuring that rigour and reproducibility remain paramount. Articles published by C19RR Initiative members must have data shared in a public repository rather than just available on request. Publishers will enforce a formal Data Availability Statement (DAS) sharing agreement with authors to list the repositories where data are available — subject to ethical considerations. For transparency and visibility, the publishers will register their data policy in FAIRsharing, which is also a partner in this initiative. An initial set of data policies (including recommended repositories) is listed in this Collection. Other publishers are working to create their data policy, which will be added to this Collection progressively.

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BioMed Central - Minimum Standards of Reporting Checklist None Journal ready

eLife Recommended Repositories and Standards eLife Data Policy Journal None ready

F1000Research Data Policy None Journal None ready

GigaScience - Minimum Standards of Reporting Checklist None Journal None ready

Hindawi Research Data Policy None Journal None
None None None ready

PeerJ Data and Materials Sharing Policies None Journal None ready

PLOS Recommended Data Repositories PLOS Recommended Repositories Journal None
None ready

The Royal Society - Data sharing and mining None Journal None
None ready