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Image for ELIXIR UK node resources  ELIXIR UK node resources
The UK Node supports the bioinformatics and broader biological research community by providing training and resources that help researchers to find and share data, exchange expertise, and agree on best practices at national, European and international level.Following a call for resources in 2016 the ELIXIR UK Node currently has resources in 6 strategic areas Agri-Data Expression Atlases Human Health and Disease Interoperability and Standards Protein Structure and Function Training Through these prioritised themes ELIXIR-UK contributes to four of the ELIXIR’s platforms: Training, Interoperability and Standards, Data and Tools. The UK resources also reflect and link to the strategic themes of ELIXIR, its Technical Platforms and its Scientific Use Cases/Communities, as well as engaging with a number of key international initiatives and national and international organisations.

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BioCatalogue BioCatalogue Database None None None ready

CATH CATH Database None ready

Collaborative Open Plant Omics COPO Database None in development

e-Mouse Atlas EMA Database None ready

Eukaryotic Pathogen, Vector and Host Informatics Resource VEuPathDB Database ready

FAIRsharing FAIRsharing Database ready

Investigation Study Assay Tabular ISA-Tab Standard ready

ionomicHUB iHUB Database None None None in development

IUPHAR/BPS Guide to PHARMACOLOGY Guide to Pharmacology Database None ready

Pathogen Host Interactions PHI-base Database None ready

SignaLink SignaLink Database None None ready