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FAIRDOM is a joint action of ERA-Net ERASysAPP and European Research Infrastructure ISBE to establish a data and model management service facility for Systems Biology. The prime mission is to support researchers, students, trainers, funders and publishers by enabling Systems Biology projects to make their Data, Operating procedures and Models, Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR). This collections encompasses community standards used in FAIRDOM.

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Subject Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status
Enzyme Mechanism Ontology EMO Standard None
None None ready

KEGG Mark-up Language KGML Standard None ready

Minimal Information Required In the Annotation of Models MIRIAM Standard ready

Minimum Information About a Simulation Experiment MIASE Standard None ready
Protein MODification PSI-MOD Standard None ready

Simulation Experiment Description Markup Language SED-ML Standard None ready

Systems Biology Graphical Notation SBGN Standard None ready

Systems Biology Markup Language SBML Standard ready

Systems Biology Results Markup Language SBRML Standard None None ready