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Image for Genomic Standards Consortium  Genomic Standards Consortium
The Genomic Standards Consortium (GSC) is an open-membership working body formed in September 2005. The aim of the GSC is making genomic data discoverable. The GSC enables genomic data integration, discovery and comparison through international community-driven standards.

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The Genomic Standards Consortium.

Field D,Amaral-Zettler L,Cochrane G,Cole JR,Dawyndt P,Garrity GM,Gilbert J,Glockner FO,Hirschman L,Karsch-Mizrachi I,Klenk HP,Knight R,Kottmann R,Kyrpides N,Meyer F,San Gil I,Sansone SA,Schriml LM,Sterk P,Tatusova T,Ussery DW,White O,Wooley J
PLoS Biol 2011

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Genomic standards consortium projects.

Field D,Sterk P,Kottmann R,De Smet JW,Amaral-Zettler L,Cochrane G,Cole JR,Davies N,Dawyndt P,Garrity GM,Gilbert JA,Glockner FO,Hirschman L,Klenk HP,Knight R,Kyrpides N,Meyer F,Karsch-Mizrachi I,Morrison N,Robbins R,San Gil I,Sansone S,Schriml L,Tatusova T,Ussery D,Yilmaz P,White O,Wooley J,Caporaso G
Stand Genomic Sci 2014

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Subject Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status
Gazetteer GAZ Standard None uncertain

Genomic Contextual Data Markup Language GCDML Standard None None ready

Minimum Information about a Biosynthetic Gene cluster MIBiG Standard None ready

Minimum Information about a MARKer gene Sequence MIxS - MIMARKS Standard None ready

Minimum Information about a (Meta)Genome Sequence MIxS - MIGS/MIMS Standard None ready

Minimum Information about any (x) Sequence MIxS Standard None