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This collection provides an at-a-glance view of data and metadata standards (e.g. reporting guidelines, models, formats, terminologies) as well as repositories (databases and knowledgebases) suitable for the deposition and sharing of clinical research, genomics, transcriptomics, structural and epidemiological research. These represent the research areas covered by the RDA COVID-19 Working Group (WG) and sub-groups, which create guidelines to help: (i) stakeholders follow best practices for sharing COVID-19 data; and (ii) policymakers maximise timely data sharing and appropriate responses in such health emergencies. This collection also includes the COVID-19 Collection ( specific for repositories that already contain COVID-19 datasets.

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Subject Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status

3D interacting domains 3DID Database None ready

A database for spatially resolved transcriptomes SpatialDB Database None None None ready
Adverse Event Reporting ontology AERO Standard None deprecated

American Type Culture Collection database ATCC Database None None ready

An INtegrated Data warehouse of mIcrobial GenOmes INDIGO Database None ready

Apollo Library Apollo Library Database None None deprecated
Apollo Location Code apollo-ls Standard None ready
Apollo-SV Apollo-SV Standard None ready

Apollo XSD 4.0.1 Apollo XSD Standard None ready

ArrayExpress ArrayExpress Database ready

arrayMap - Genomic Array Data for Cancer CNV Profiles arrayMap Database None ready
Artificial Intelligence Rheumatology Consultant System Ontology AI/RHEUM Standard None None None ready

A Systematic Annotation Package ASAP Database None None ready

Australian Data Archive ADA Database None
None None ready

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry ANZCTR Database None None ready

Bacterial protein tYrosine Kinase database BYKdb Database None None ready

BBMRI-ERIC Directory BBMRI-ERIC Directory Database None None ready

BEDgraph BEDgraph Standard None ready

BenthGenome BenthGenome Database None None None ready

BIG Data Center BIGD Database None None ready

Binary Probe Map Format BPMAP Standard None None ready

Bioconductor Bioc Database None None None ready

BioImage Archive BioImage Archive Database None ready

Biological and Chemical Oceanography Data Management Office BCO-DMO Database None None ready

Biologic Specimen and Data Repository Information Coordinating Center BioLINCC Database None ready

Biomedical Research Integrated Domain Group Model BRIDG Standard None
None None ready

Biospecimen Reporting for Improved Study Quality BRISQ Standard None ready

BioXpress BioXpress Database None None None ready
Bleeding History Phenotype BHO Standard None None None ready

BloodSpot BloodSpot Database None None None ready

BridgeDb BridgeDb Database None ready

Browser Extensible Data Format BED Standard None
None ready

Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database Canada Vigilance Adverse Reaction Online Database Database None None ready


CAPS-DB : a structural classification of helix-capping motifs CAPS-DB Database None None ready
CareLex Controlled Vocabulary CareLex CV Standard None None None ready

Case Reports CARE Standard None ready

CDER Data Standards Plan Version 1.0 None Funder None None None ready

CDISC Analysis Data Model CDISC ADaM Standard None None ready

CDISC Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization CDISC CDASH Standard None ready

CDISC Clinical Trial Registry XML CDISC CTR-XML Standard None
None ready
CDISC Controlled Terminology CDISC CT Standard None
None ready

CDISC Dataset-XML Dataset-XML Standard None
None None ready

CDISC Define eXtensible Markup Language CDISC Define-XML Standard None
None None ready
CDISC Glossary Glossary Standard None
None None ready

CDISC Laboratory Data Model CDISC LAB Standard None None ready

CDISC Operational Data Model CDISC ODM Standard None ready

CDISC Protocol Representation Model CDISC PRM Standard None None ready

CDISC Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data CDISC SEND Standard None None ready

CDISC Study Data Tabulation Model CDISC SDTM Standard None ready