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Systems Medicine
This Systems Medicine Collection is associated with a forthcoming systems medicine book entitled 'Reference Module in Biomedical Research' and collates all the standards discussed in this book.

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Subject Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status
Alzheimer's Disease Ontology ADO Standard None
None None None ready
Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification ATC Standard None ready

Atlas of Cancer Signalling Network ACSN Database None None ready

BiGG Models BiGG Models Database None ready

Biological Pathway eXchange BioPAX Standard None ready

BioModels BioModels Database ready

BioPortal BioPortal Database None
None ready

CellML CellML Standard ready
Cell Ontology CL Standard None ready
Chemical Entities of Biological Interest ChEBI Standard None ready
None None None ready

DataCite Repository DataCite Database None
None ready

Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine DICOM Standard None ready

Disbiome Disbiome Database None ready
Disease Ontology DOID Standard None ready
Environment Ontology ENVO Standard ready

FAIRDOMHub FAIRDOMHub Database None ready

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources FHIR Standard None ready
Foundational Model of Anatomy FMA Standard None ready

Gene Expression Omnibus GEO Database ready
Gene Ontology GO Standard ready

Good Epidemiological Practice GEP Standard None
None None None ready
Health Level Seven Reference Implementation Model HL7 Standard None
None uncertain
Human Phenotype Ontology HP Standard ready

Human Physiome Field Markup Language FieldML Standard None ready Central Registry Central Registry Database None ready
Infectious Disease Ontology Core IDO Standard None ready
International Classification of Diseases Version 11 ICD 11 Standard None None ready

Investigation Study Assay Tabular ISA-Tab Standard ready

JWS Online JWS Online Database ready
Kinetic Simulation Algorithm Ontology KiSAO Standard None ready

Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes KEGG Database ready
Logical Observation Identifier Names and Codes LOINC Standard None None ready
Mathematical Modelling Ontology MAMO Standard None ready
Medical Subject Headings MESH Standard None ready

Minimal Information Required In the Annotation of Models MIRIAM Standard ready

Minimum Information About a Simulation Experiment MIASE Standard None ready

ModelDB ModelDB Database ready

myExperiment myExperiment Database None None ready
NCBI Taxonomy NCBITAXON Standard ready

NeuroML NeuroML Standard None ready

OBO Format Syntax and Semantics OBO Format Standard None
None ready

OBO Foundry OBO Database ready
Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership Standardized Vocabularies OMOP Standardized Vocabularies Standard None None ready

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man OMIM Database ready

Ontology Lookup Service OLS Database None None ready
Ontology of Physics for Biology OPB Standard None None ready

Open Modeling EXchange format OMEX Standard None ready

Pathway Commons PC Database None ready

Pharmacometrics Markup Language PharmML Standard None ready