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FAIRsharing is part of the following infrastructure and community group initiatives:

Collaborator About


The interdisciplinary scientific Committee on Data of the International Science Council, CODATA, promotes global collaboration to improve the availability and usability of data for all areas of research. FAIRsharing is an active contributor to the activities of the Data Integration and Interoperability Initiative.


ELIXIR is an intergovernmental organisation that brings together life science resources from across Europe and beyond to build a sustainable infrastructure to support life science research and its translation to medicine and the environment, the bio-industries and society. FAIRsharing is a service of its Interoperability Platform.

EOSC Pilot

The European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) Pilot that supports the exploration of a virtual environment with open and seamless services for storage, management, analysis and re-use of research data, across borders and scientific disciplines by federating existing scientific data infrastructures. FAIRsharing is a core element of its proposed metadata catalogues strategy.


A community of scholars, librarians, archivists, publishers and research funders that aims to bring about a change in modern scholarly communications through the effective use of information technology. FAIRsharing has a working group in FORCE11 and works with its Data Citation Implementation Pilot, including journals and publishers, to identify criteria and develop tools for the selection of databases and repositories.


The Global and Open (GO) FAIR initiative for the practical implementation of the EOSC vision as part of a global Internet of FAIR Data & Services. FAIRsharing is part of several bottom up community efforts (called Implementation Networks) to build an ecosystem of FAIR services.


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is a non-governmental international organization, with a membership of 161 national standards bodies, developing standards via Technical Committees (TCs). The TC 276 focuses on the biotechnology process and its Working Group 5 is in charge of the standards for Data Processing and Integration. FAIRsharing works to provide a trackable list of the standards endorsed by the TC 276 Biotechnology WG5.

NIH Data Commons

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH; Bethesda, MD) Data Commons Pilot Phase explores the design and creation of a shared virtual space where scientists can work with the digital objects of biomedical research such as data and analytical tools. FAIRsharing is functional element of a distributed FAIRness assessment tool kit, including the FAIRshake system to evaluate digital objects.


An international organization that focuses on the development of infrastructure and community activities to reduce barriers to data sharing and promote the acceleration of data driven innovation worldwide. FAIRsharing has a working group in RDA and works with other RDA activities, e.g. to define and implement a common framework for journal and publisher research data journal policy; and to connect FAIRsharing to data management plans tools.


The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is part of UK Research and Innovation, which works in partnership with universities, research organisations, businesses, charities, and government to create the best possible environment for research and innovation to flourish.


JISC is the UK higher, further education and skills sectors' not-for-profit organisation for digital services and solutions. FAIRsharing works with JISC to map and drive policy development across the UK and global.


Anyone can use FAIRsharing. Adopters, however, use FAIRsharing specifically to:

  1. Educate their users/community on the variety of existing standards, repositories and policies, and actively encourage them to submit/claim records, where relevant;
  2. Create Recommendations by registering their data policy, and then link it to standards and/or databases recommended in the policy; and/or
  3. Create a Collection by pulling together a list of standards and/or databases around a given domain of interest relevant to them.

Here are the instructions for record creation.

Adopters are generally representatives of institutions, libraries, journal publishers, infrastructure programmes, societies and other organizations or projects that in turn serve and guide individual researchers or other stakeholders on research data management matters.

Adopters have a FAIRsharing logo on their websites with a link from their website to our homepage.

FAIRsharing mentions (also as BioSharing) in the news and training material

Advisory Board and RDA/Force11 Working Group Members

Here are links to the FAIRsharing RDA and Force11 WG webpages.

  • Emma Ganley (PLOS) Co-chair
  • Varsha Khodiyar (NPG) Co-chair
  • Michael Ball (ESRC)
  • Theo Bloom (BMJ)
  • Jennifer Boyd (OUP)
  • Dave Carr (The Wellcome Trust and Wellcome Open Research)
  • Helena Cousijn (Elsevier)
  • Scott Edmunds (GigaScience, BGI)
  • Dominic Fripp (JISC)
  • Simon Hodson (CODATA), Co-Chair of the RDA/Force11 WG
  • Mike Huerta (Coordinator of Data & and Open Science Initiative, Associate Director for Programme Development at the NIH National Library of Medicine)
  • Rafael Jimenez (ELIXIR)
  • Amye Kenall (BMC)
  • Rebecca Lawrence (F1000), Co-Chair of the RDA/Force11 WG
  • Thomas Lemberger (EMBO Press)
  • Jennifer Lin (CrossRef)
  • Gabriella Rustici (ELIXIR UK Node Industry Training Sector Lead, University of Cambridge, UK)
  • Shelley Stall (American Geophysics Union)
  • Imma Subirats (Information Management Officer, FAO of the United Nations, Italy)
  • Marta Teperek (Data Stewardship Coordinator, TUDelft, The Netherlands)
  • Michael Witt (re3data; Purdue University Libraries)

FAIRsharing is an interoperability component from the ELIXIR UK Node, contributing to the ELIXIR EXCELERATE platform for integration of data and services.

You can browse FAIRsharing past history and key milestones here.

Meet The Team

FAIRsharing was created and is maintained by the team who brought you the ISA framework, ISA Commons the MIBBI portal, and BioSharing which it replaces. Based at the University of Oxford e-Research Centre, we are passionate about developing and applying methods and software to improve data curation, management, visualization and publication to enable reproducible research, driving science and discoveries.

We are indebted to contributions from our collaborators.

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