Data sharing license and attribution, via the web and API

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution and Share-alike (CC-BY-SA) International 4.0 license.

In addition, we request that any data taken from FAIRsharing, either by the API, scraping the site or other means, is attributed and cited appropriately. We request that a link and the FAIRsharing logo is presented next to the data taken from FAIRsharing.

FAIRsharing Logo
The code below may be used to create a link to our logo.

<img src="" alt="FAIRsharing Logo">

API Access

The FAIRsharing API is available at, where Swagger documentation is provided. An API key is necessary to access the data. To request an API key, please fill in this Google form with an outline of your data requirements. The API is a work is progress and this information will help us collect use cases and drive development of the API.

API Version

The API version is currently v0.3. Versions v0.2 and v0.1 are also available. The version may be specified in the Accept headers as follows:

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json; version=v0.2' --header 'Api-Key: YOUR_KEY_HERE' ''
If the verison number is not specified in your request (e.g. if you are trying out our API) then it will default to the newest version.

API Changes


Removed the following fields:

  • Old-style domain tags (domains).

Added the following fields:

  • New ontology-based domains (onto_domains).
  • New ontology-based disciplines (onto_disciplines).
  • User-defined tags (user_defined_tags).


Removed the following fields:

  • Record maintainers for all record types (maintains).
  • Last updater of record (updated_by).

Added the following fields:

  • API version (api_version).

Search Engines

We encourage search engines to index FAIRsharing and provide mechanisms for this. We are also involved in the and the BioSchemas projects, extending the vocabulary of tags to annotate our content. We will mark up FAIRsharing content with these tags in the near future.

Screen Scraping

Please do not scrape the HTML page content. Much of the data is generated dynamically and is updated daily. Instead, please use our API or contact us directly and ask for a cut of the data. We're friendly and don't bite.