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MorphoBank is a web application providing an online database and workspace for evolutionary research in systematics (the science of determining the evolutionary relationships among species). MorphoBank invites scientists producing peer-reviewed research to upload images and affiliate data with those images (labels, species names, etc.). MorphoBank also offers a platform for live collaboration on phylgoenetic matrices by teams in a private workspace where they can also affiliate images with phylogenetic matrices. MorphoBank stores digital versions of both text and image-based observations on phenotypes. Phylogenetic matrices (Nexus or TNT format), particularly phenotypical matrices, 2D (including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and Photoshop) and 3D (PLY, STL, ZIP, TIFF and DCM) image data and video (MPEG-4, QuickTime and WindowsMedia). MorphoBank also offer a Documents folder for additional files about their research such as pdfs, word documents, and text files (e.g., morphometric data, phylogenetic trees).

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MorphoBank provides a digital archive of biodiversity and evolutionary research data, specifically s ...

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