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EMODnet (European Marine Observation and Data Network)


The European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) consists of more than 150 organisations assembling marine data, products and metadata to make these fragmented resources more available to public and private users relying on quality-assured, standardised and harmonised marine data which are interoperable and free of restrictions on use. EMODnet is currently in its third development phase with the target to be fully deployed by 2020.

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EMODnet Human Activities
EMODnet Human Activities provides access to existing marine data on activities carried out in EU wat ...

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EMODnet Physics
EMODnet-Physics map portal (www.emodnet-physics.eu/map) provides a single point of access to validat ...

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EMODnet Geology
The EMODnet geology portal provides free access to (i) geological data and metadata held by various ...

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EMODnet Bathymetry
EMODnet Bathymetry provides a service for viewing and downloading a harmonised Digital Terrain Model ...

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EMODnet Chemistry
The EMODnet Chemistry portal provides easy access to marine chemical data, standardised harmonized v ...

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