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rPredictorDB is a predictive database of secondary structures of individual RNAs and their formatted ...

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MolMeDB: Molecules on Membranes Database
MolMeDB is an open chemistry database concerning the interaction of molecules with membranes.

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ChannelsDB is a comprehensive and regularly updated resource of channels, pores and tunnels found in ...

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Swiss-Czech Proteomics Server
Proteomics database for streptomyces and caulobacter and neisseria. Unique database in the field, co ...

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Hepatitis C Virus Ires Variation Database
HCVIVdb is a database of published variations observed within the internal ribosome entry site (IRES ...

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The Benchmark Energy & Geometry Database
The Benchmark Energy & Geometry Database (BEGDB) collects results of highly accurate QM calculations ...

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Database of local DNA conformers
Dolce is a database of DNA structure motifs based on an automatic classification method consisting o ...

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ValidatorDB is a collection of validation results for the entire Protein Data Bank. Annotation (3-le ...

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