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BCCM/LMG Bacteria Collection
BCCM/LMG is a bacterial culture collection currently comprising over 25.000 well-characterized strai ...

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BCCM/ULC Cyanobacteria Collection
BCCM/ULC is a small and dedicated public collection, currently containing one of the largest collect ...

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BCCM/ITM Mycobacteria Collection
BCCM/ITM harbours one the largest and most diverse collections of well-documented mycobacteria world ...

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BCCM/DCG Diatoms Collection
The BCCM/DCG public collection is the only culture collection worldwide specialized in diatoms, the ...

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BCCM/IHEM Fungi Collection: Human & Animal Health
BCCM/IHEM is a fungal culture collection specialized in medical and veterinary isolates. About 15.00 ...

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BCCM/MUCL Agro-food & Environmental Fungal Collection
BCCM/MUCL is a generalist fungal culture collection of over 30 000 filamentous fungi, yeasts and ar ...

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BCCM/GeneCorner Plasmid Collection
The BCCM/GeneCorner Plasmid Collection warrants the long-term storage and distribution of plasmids, ...

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