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Image for PeerJ Data and Materials Sharing Policies  PeerJ Data and Materials Sharing Policies
PeerJ has identified a set of trusted and established data deposition repositories, reporting guidelines and terminologies for hosting or structuring data and materials alongside PeerJ articles.

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This recommendation is taken from the following policy:

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Subject Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status

Addgene Addgene Database ready

American Type Culture Collection database ATCC Database None None ready

Animals in Research: Reporting In Vivo Experiments ARRIVE Standard None None None ready

ArrayExpress ArrayExpress Database ready

BioSamples at the European Bioinformatics Institute BioSD Database ready

CONSOlidated standards of Reporting Trials CONSORT Standard None ready

DDBJ BioProject DDBJ BioProject Database None None ready

DDBJ Biosample DDBJ Biosample Database None ready

DDBJ Sequence Read Archive DRA Database None ready

DNA Data Bank of Japan DDBJ Database ready

Dryad Dryad Database ready

European Mouse Mutant Archive EMMA Database None ready

European Mouse Mutant Cell Repository EuMMCR Database None None None ready

European Nucleotide Archive ENA Database ready

FAIRsharing FAIRsharing Database ready

figshare figshare Database ready

GenBank GenBank Database ready

Gene Expression Omnibus GEO Database ready
Gene Ontology GO Standard ready

Harvard Dataverse Harvard Dataverse Database ready

Knockout Mouse Project KOMP Database None ready

Minimum Information About a Microarray Experiment MIAME Standard ready

Minimum Information for Publication of Quantitative Real-Time PCR Experiments MIQE Standard None ready

MorphoSource MorphoSource Database None None ready

Mutant Mouse Regional Resource Centers Catalog MMRRC Database None None ready

MycoBank MycoBank Database None ready

NCBI BioProject BioProject Database ready

NCBI BioSample BioSample Database ready

NCBI Trace Archives NCBI Trace Archives Database None ready

OBO Foundry OBO Database ready

Open Science Framework OSF Database ready

Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses PRISMA Standard None None ready

Protein Data Bank in Europe PDBe Database ready

RCSB Protein Data Bank RCSB PDB Database ready

re3data re3data Database None
None None ready

RIKEN Bioresource Research Center RIKEN BRC Database None None ready

Sequence Read Archive SRA Database ready

STAndards for the Reporting of Diagnostic accuracy STARD Standard None None ready

STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology STROBE Standard None ready

Transparent Reporting of Evaluations with Non-randomized Designs TREND Standard None ready

UK Stem Cell Bank UKSCB Database None None ready

Worldwide Protein Data Bank wwPDB Database ready