FAIRsharing is here! From our first incarnation, BioSharing.org, which focussed on the life sciences, we are growing into FAIRsharing.org, to serve users across all disciplines and support Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) data.

The standards in FAIRsharing are manually curated from a variety of sources, including BioPortal, MIBBI and the Equator Network.

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status

Short Read Archive eXtensible Markup Language SRA-XML Standard None None ready

Minimum Information about a MARKer gene Sequence MIxS - MIMARKS Standard None ready

Minimum Information about a (Meta)Genome Sequence MIxS - MIGS/MIMS Standard None ready

Minimal Information about a high throuput SEQuencing Experiment MINSEQE Standard ready

Minimal Metagenome Sequence Analysis Standard MINIMESS Standard None None None uncertain

Minimal Information About a Phylogenetic Analysis MIAPA Standard None None ready

Access to Biological Collection Data DNA extension ABCDDNA Standard None None in development

ARLEQUIN Project Format ARLEQUIN Project Format Standard None None None ready

BEDgraph BEDgraph Standard None None ready

.ACE format .ACE format Standard None None None None ready

Minimum Information about any (x) Sequence MIxS Standard ready

Synthetic Biology Open Language SBOL Standard None ready

BioProject XML Schema BioProject XML Schema Standard None None ready

Synthetic Biology Open Language Visual SBOL Visual Standard None None ready