The standards in FAIRsharing are manually curated from a variety of sources, including BioPortal, MIBBI and the Equator Network.

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status

CDISC Clinical Data Acquisition Standards Harmonization CDISC CDASH Standard None ready

CONSOlidated standards of Reporting Trials CONSORT Standard None ready

CONSOlidated Standards of Reporting Trials - Official Extensions CONSORT - OE Standard None ready

CONsolidated Standards of Reporting Trials - Unofficial Extensions CONSORT - UE Standard None ready

CDISC Laboratory Data Model CDISC LAB Standard None None ready

Minimal Information for Neural ElectroMagnetic Ontologies MINEMO Standard None ready
EMBRACE Data and Methods Ontology EDAM Standard None None ready
Proteomics Pipeline Infrastructure for CPTAC CPTAC Standard None None None None uncertain