The standards in FAIRsharing are manually curated from a variety of sources, including BioPortal, MIBBI and the Equator Network.

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Registry Name Abbreviation Type Domain Taxonomy Related Database Related Standard Related Policy In Collection/Recommendation Status
Platynereis Developmental STage PD_ST Standard None None None deprecated
e-Mouse Atlas Project Anatomy Ontology EMAP Standard None ready
Zebrafish anatomy and development ZFA Standard None None ready
Edinburgh Human Developmental Anatomy EHDA Standard None None deprecated
Edinburgh Human Developmental Anatomy Abstract EHDAA Standard None None deprecated
Drosophila development FB-DV Standard None ready
Ontology for Parasite Life Cycle OPL Standard None None None ready
C. elegans development WB-LS Standard None None ready
HOMology HOM Standard None None None ready
Ontology for Parasite LifeCycle OPL Standard None None None ready
Plant Structure Development Stage PO PSDS Standard None deprecated
Edinburgh human developmental anatomy abstract version 2 EHDAA2 Standard None ready
SoyOntology SOY Standard None None ready